• A New Direction in AIDS Therapy

    By Andrew Keech, PhD The appearance of AIDS in the early 1980s shook the medical and scientific communities to their core.
  • An Incredible Story of Healing and Recovery

    Kaye Wyatt is the co-author, with Dr. Daniel G. Clark, M.D., of the informative new book about Colostrum entitled, “Colostrum,The Ultimate Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Immune Supplement”
  • Colostrum and Athletic Performance

    By John Buhmeyer, MS Colostrum is "a hot supplement in the athletics world," according to Dr. Louise Burke, the Head of Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.
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Colostrum & Allergies

Allergies are considered an auto-immune disorder, since they are caused by an over­reaction of the immune system whereby the body produces too many antibodies to neutralize an antigen.

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Immune Modulation

Colostrum, nature's first food, contains an amazing variety of immune factors, growth factors and nutrients that help the newborn get a healthy start in life. The ingredients in colostrum are also good for grownups.

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What is Colostrum Good For?



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